Ranbir Kapoor wishes also includes the desire to be a father by the age of 32. He believes that a career is incomplete without family life.

Ranbir's Family Dreams
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Ranbir's Family Dreams
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor does not only want to be an actor throughout his life and also wants to settle down in the coming years. The Kapoor’s are also reconstructing their Pali Hill bungalow and he wonders if he could live there with his family.
The iconic Krishna Raj Bungalow that has always been a landmark since years in the Toni Pali Hill neighborhood will be razed in sometime.
The Kapoors have planned to come up with a 14-story structure in its place. The lower three floors of the building will be shared by his parents, while Ranbir will take the upper most three.
 He adds further “It won’t look like a tall building at all. The structure will still look like a bungalow. The aesthetics have been taken care of.”
Ranbir’s parents Neetu and Rishi are known names in the B-town for having the most well-designed houses and interiors.
The new house for Kapoor’s is going to be huge and equipped with 160-seater theatre and swimming pool. Offices and edit suites will also be there.
Ranbir was asked that isn’t the building too big? He said “By the time it comes up, which will be at least a couple of years, I hope to be a married man.”
He further talks about his marriage plans and adds, “I want to have a family, I want to have children, and I don’t want to be a bachelor. I want to have a child by the time I am 32. I want to be 50 when he or she is 20. I aspire to have a life like that. I’m not looking for love but I would love for it to happen.”
He is presently shooting for his upcoming romantic love-story, ‘Anjaana-Anjaani’ with Priyanka Chopra. The movie will finish its shooting soon and it will be released in the present year.

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