Yeah! It is true that the handsome dude of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor was caught in a bare act of Salman Khan, sporting out topless in the set of 'Rajneeti'.

Ranbir Kapoor Caught In A Bare Act
Last Updated: 2010-04-20T11:41:39+05:30
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Ranbir Kapoor Caught In A Bare Act
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor
This stylish flamboyant Ranbir Kapoor who has his own fashion statement is inclined to show his six abs whenever he is left loose from his hectic schedules.
Though his first move in 'Saawariya' with just a towel often slipping and getting over his private part, he is not often found afterwards sporting in hot bare act but recently during the set of his upcoming movie ‘Raajneeti’ he sported a topless look.
Actually after every session of acting the entire team of 'Rajneeti' comprised of Katrina Kaif, filmmaker Prakash Jha and co-star Arjun Rampal used to get involved in cricket, Ranbir has become accustomed to the normal routine, so he dropped in without wearing his T- shirt casually.
Unaware of the fact that it could steam up the entire environment for those who are not used to his bare sight.
Poor rival team got distracted with his bare act, a source reported, “Everyone enjoyed watching Ranbir play in his own style. His shirtless act would sometimes distract the rival team to an extent that they would eventually lose the game."
Well Ranbir should watch his bare act it can give a burning effect to others.

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