No confusions please! As Ram Gopal Verma has no role in the upcoming movie ‘Dabangg’. But, he is the real ‘Dabangg’ means fearless man, as he remains unaffected from the received death threats.

Ram Gopal Verma Is The ‘Dabangg’ Man
Last Updated: 2010-09-02T11:37:11+05:30
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Ram Gopal Verma Is The ‘Dabangg’ Man
Ram Gopal Verma
Ram Gopal Verma
Director Ram Gopal Verma can be called as the real ‘Dabangg’ or fearless man as he still remains unaffected from the death threat calls he has been receiving for some controversy in his Vivek Oberoi starrer ‘Raktacharitra’.
Controversy came into picture when an alleged outlaw politician Ubala Reddy claimed that Ramu has depicted his character in the movie in an unfavorable manner. And since then the director has been getting threatening calls and the person has also sent a legal notice to him.
But Ramu seems to be more amused than afraid and he says, “They’ve sent a long legal notice in which they express their misgivings about Ubala Reddy. But, I want to know how they know how I’ve portrayed the character (played by Abhimanyu Singh) when they haven’t seen a single frame?”
He further adds, “This is not the first time I’m under threat. It has happened to me on several occasions. When in the history of assassinations have security guards been able to save anyone? The one who is determined to kill you will do.”
He also expresses his reluctance for bringing any changes in his movie and says, “They’re welcome to do what they like. My film remains unchanged.”

He is roaming freely in the city of Hyderabad and is even visiting his mother in the city. He says that such threat doesn’t matter to him.

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