'Rakta Charitra’ is the biopic of a politician, Ravi from Andhra Pradesh, perhaps the most violent film of the Hindi cinema till date.

‘Rakta Charitra’ Review- ‘Rakta Charitra’ Movie Review
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‘Rakta Charitra’ Review- ‘Rakta Charitra’ Movie Review
Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi
Director- Ram Gopal Verma
Star Cast- Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha, Surya and Abhimanyu Singh.
‘Rakta Charitra’ is not for the people who hate violence- even a bit of it; it is for those who can see countless merciless killings, rapes, fights and abductions.
Vivek Oberoi plays the biopic character of Paritala Ravi (politician from Andhra Pradesh) with the name of ‘Pratap’. His career begins with murders as some people had killed his family members and in that blind fury of revenge, he becomes a killer.
It is strictly advisable that people who are faint hearted shouldn’t watch this ferocious and wild creation. The movie just talks about one word and that is ‘Blood’, even the bottom line of the movie ‘Revenge Is The Purest Emotion’ says it all.
The movie is full of screams, slitting throats, breaking bones, rapes and abductions, RGV hasn’t given any space to positive emotions, all is about revenge and blood-shed.
The movie begins with Vivek Oberoi (Pratap) who is a soft-spoken rural boy, but some people kill his father (Rajendra Gupta) and lovable brother (Sushant Singh).

The scene swirls in Pratap’s mind like anything and he decides to play the game of ‘blood for blood’. Pratap’s life begins in village and like biopic character Paritala Ravi, he aims to become a minister and manages to become one.

On his mission to become a minister, firstly he kills the corrupt ones in order to clear his way.and at the same time  takes the revenge of his dad and brother’s murder. 

The turns in the story are very strong and show the pure and raw sentiment of revenge. Right from drilling into somebody’s skull and breaking bones with a knife like thing, the movie has the most violent scenes to show.
One who rises to the level of Pratap is Shatrughan Sinha and he will surprise you with his heavy baritone and solid personality. RGV tries his best to prove the bottom line of the movie ‘Revenge Is The Purest Emotion’, he revels in ugliness to the maximum extent possible.
Not to forget, Abhimanyu and Surya are in their best aggressive performances and they gather themselves with the ugliest of emotions. The film is a power-packed watch, but with too much bloodshed and too many screams; in short violence is not the word to summarize the movie.
There are no romantic scenes, but the use of foul language, as much as can be done is there, no time for rest and just a breathless movie of hatred. 'Watch it at your own risk' must have been the  bottom line for this typical vicious and over brutal movie.

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