Rajkumar Santoshi has mentioned that he wants to do a movie like ‘Damini’ with Sunny Deol.

Rajkumar Santoshi Wants To Do Movies Like ‘Damini’ With Sunny Deol
Last Updated: 2009-11-16T14:10:54+05:30
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Rajkumar Santoshi Wants To Do Movies Like ‘Damini’ With Sunny Deol
Rajkumar Santoshi
Rajkumar Santoshi
Rajkumar Santoshi has just given a huge hit in ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’, a romantic comedy with youngsters Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, but he's not the kind to repeat a genre because it struck gold. He now plans to work with Sunny Deol with hopes of rekindling the magic of Ghayal and Damini.
"Yes, my next should be with Sunny Deol," Santoshi told. "I am looking at a couple of ideas but in principle I would be going ahead with Sunny," said the director whose composure in no way reveals that he's just hit the jackpot at the box office.
The film's genre would be centred on action drama and would come with a hard-hitting punch. But since comedies and light-hearted entertainers like his "Ajab Prem..." are ruling the roost, doesn't he feel like playing safe?
"I have always told stories that I have felt like telling at any point of time without worrying about trends. Today, 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani' is a comedy success. Tomorrow, I may make an entirely different film. That's the way I have been," said Santoshi, who doesn't believe in "herd mentality".
In his two-decade journey as a filmmaker, Santoshi has dabbled in different genres - from laugh riots, action thrillers to drama flicks.
While ‘Ghayal’ and ‘Damini’ were action and drama movies, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ was a cult classic comic affair. ‘Ghatak’ was an emotional action film, ‘Pukar’ was an espionage thriller, ‘Lajja’ spoke of women's empowerment while ‘Halla Bol’ was revolutionary.
His movies might be hits or get critical acclaim but Santoshi says he never bothers about a film's box-office success while making it. And that holds true for his latest hit ‘Ajab Prem...’ too.
"Throughout my career, I have never looked at how big a money spinner my film would be. The focus has always been to make a good film. This was the guiding principle for 'Ajab Prem...' as well and I guess it's this honesty that is reaping benefits now," he said.
At the same time, the filmmaker said he had a gut feeling "Ajab Prem..." would strike a chord with audiences as soon as it was made.
"I got that feeling when the film was ready and shown in trials. When my crew saw the film, they admitted that we were in for something big here. We could sense that the film would be a success. How big? Well, no one can ever gauge that," Santoshi said.
His last two releases - "Halla Bol" and "Family - hadn't worked well, but the goofy "Ajab Prem..." has audiences in splits and the director is delighted.
"The film was made for family audiences. I have been to theatres and seen for myself that kids are laughing their guts out. At places, the film has even got a standing ovation as the end credits start rolling," Santoshi said.

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