Actor, Rajendra Prasad has claimed that his upcoming movie ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ doesnot make fun of anyone.

Rajendra Prasad Says ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ Is Not A Ridiculing Act
Last Updated: 2009-08-28T12:43:19+05:30
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‘Quick Gun Murugun’ Is Not A Ridiculing Act
Quick Gun Murugan
Quick Gun Murugan
Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the lead actor of forthcoming movie ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ has claimed that the movie neither makes fun of Tamil actor Rajnikant nor Hollywood movies. He added that it is a story about the adventures of an Indian Cowboy.
“’Quick Gun Murugun' doesn't make fun of anyone. The characterisation, behaviour, style and even the dialogues are highly individual. It has no resemblance to anyone in particular”, Rajendra Prasad told.
The actor added, "It is only a laugh-riot. The problem is, when it comes to South Indian movies people have heard only about Tamil cinema and Rajnikant and so they are drawing parallels out of nothing... 'Quick Gun?' is a full-fledged original film”.
The actor has dismissed the rumours that certain sequences in the film ridiculed Rajnikant and Hollywood films like "The Matrix" and "Terminator’.
Rajendra Prasad explained, "'Quick Gun' is a cultural mix of characters, particularly from south India. We wanted to show the diversity of our cultures through the movie”.
Talking about his character in the movie, the actor said, "My character is involved in an epic battle with arch villain Rice Plate Reddy who wants to convert the world into non-vegetarian”.
Initially, Prasad took the movie offer as a joke. "To be very honest, when I was approached for the movie, I knew nothing about Shashanka or the character and I thought it was some kind of a prank. I had not seen it ever on TV or anywhere and I did not think it was serious”, he said.
"But when I was shown the old footages of 'Quick Gun' from Channel V and the executive producer of the movie explained the concept to me in Telugu? I was really thrilled and happy for the work they did at that time”, he added.
The actor claims that working in ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ was the great experience for him. "Doing this film has been a great experience for me? it's like graduating. I can say that after 32 years of my career in cinema, I have been blessed to play such a character," he said.
The actor claims that he will love to work in Bollywood. "If I get an opportunity to work in Bollywood, I'll definitely take it. However I think it depends more on the reaction to 'Quick Gun Murugun' now than anything else. In Hyderabad by god's blessings there are always many films for me to do”, Rajendra Prasad said.

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