R Madhavan has said that he felt like a student during the shoot for three idiots in IIM Bangalore.

R Madhavan Feels Like A Student In '3 Idiots' Movie Shoot
Last Updated: 2009-12-02T15:57:34+05:30
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R Madhavan Feels Like A Student In The Shoot Of 3 Idiots
R Madhavan
R Madhavan
R Madhavan has said that he felt like a student during the shoot for three idiots in IIM Bangalore. The much awaited movie of Rajkumar Hirani that stars Madhavan, Aamir khan and Sharman Joshi is just about to release.
The three stars adorn a college boy look in the movie as they portray the character of three friends. Both Aamir and Madhavan had to work pretty hard on their looks for the role of university student.
Things were pretty complicated for Madhavan as he had to put on weight, especially on his face. Madhavan on his fluctuating weight woes said, “The fact that we shot at the Bangalore IIM really helped. Once we went into an actual institute, Aamir, Sharman and I immediately began to feel like students. Age was never an issue because I got the role after an audition. Once I fit in, no one was looking at my passport to check my age. As for the rest, including the physicality, once we got into the IIM everything else followed. Incidentally, I’ve studied in an institution similar to the IIM. I know that life. I tend to put on weight on my face. I had to take care of that.”
 Madhavan who encountered a knee injury while playing badminton with Prakash Padukone feared losing his role in ‘3 Idiots’ .Speaking about his apprehension, the actor said,, “I tore a ligament in my knee and couldn`t walk. My first thought was, `Oh my God! Will I be able to continue shooting? ` Luckily for me, my director Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir were extremely supportive. I don`t think I could`ve gone through the film without them, not with that knee of mine.”
However Hirani re-wrote Madhavan’s role for the flick so that he could wear a knee bandage for his role. Madhavan says, “All three of us have two different looks in the film, one in college and one after our college days. You`ll see me wearing that knee protection-bandage all through my college scenes. It`s there because I actually got hurt. The hurt was introduced in the script to justify me wearing the bandage.”

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