It is co-incidental, but true that somehow ‘Peepli Live’ has become the mirror of the poor farmers, not only in India, but in Nepal too. The movie shows the true and miserable picture of the farmers.

‘Peepli Live’ Reveals The Story Of The Poor Farmers Of Nepal
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‘Peepli Live’ Reveals The Story Of The Poor Farmers Of Nepal
‘Peepli Live’ is not only the deep bottomless tale of the destitute farmers in India, who commit suicide out of their helplessness, but of many other villagers in underdeveloped countries like Nepal too. A news daily reveals that the movie captures the incidents happened in the past with the villagers at the place.
Nepal is such a country which is impoverished by centuries and it has endless tales to tell about the exploitative kings and ministers which governed the place. There is a history which tells that there has been a decade long civil war that emptied out entire villages of farmers.
As the film by debutante director, Anusha Rizvi tells the tale of a farmer, Natha, who is forced to commit suicide as he is unable to pay the bank loan and after his death, his family would get Rs 1 Lakh as compensation.
Similar to the story, some incidents are brought in lime light which literally shook the foundations of the victimized families.
The first incident occurred in Nepal on the release date of the movie, 13 August. A 35 year old woman abandoned by her husband, who was unable to make a living for her children, threw her two children in a river, then set herself on fire. The incident travelled as a shock to the villagers of the place and the woman was a farmer by occupation.
Four months ago, a villager called Shambhu Rajbanshi killed himself in Nepal's tea garden district of Jhapa, after years of frustration due to poverty and lack of financial help by the government. He hanged himself in the headquarters of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist.
Pertaining to all these incidents in Nepal, a journalist, Gunaraj Luitel, writes, “The crisis is not just (for) Indian farmers. The state of our farmers is no different. They work all through the year and yet their sweat doesn't even bring them enough to eat. The peasant is losing his rights to the giant corporations and big investors. He can't buy seeds and fertilizer at a subsidy and doesn't get a fair price for his produce."
He also adds that there is no one in the country who can speak on their behalf and help them out, even there are many villages in Nepal by the name of ‘Peepli’ and farmers have the same plight as shown in the movie.

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