‘Peepli Live’ is in real terms a movie based on the life of common man . It has captured the day-to-day activities of villagers as scenes in the movie. It's a movie without make-up

‘Peepli Live’ Doesn’t Have Any Make-up
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‘Peepli Live’ Doesn’t Have Any Make-up

‘Peepli Live’ in actual terms reveals the real life scene of the rural Indians; it has captured the village scenes without making any modifications. The off-track approach makes the movie an original narration of incidents.

The path-breaking approach adapted by Aamir Khan doesn’t come as a surprise as he is very well known for doing such unique things. In fact, the debutante director of the movie, Anusha Rizvi also wanted the movie to be filmed in a very natural setting.

The movie is shot in the Bhadwai village of Madhya Pradesh and there are no extra shots or characters in the movie. The moviemakers have just captured the daily chore activities of the villagers without victimizing them in their own territory.

A source reveals, “We shot the villagers of Bhadwai while they were at work to get the real look. We did not hire any extras. We just moved around and captured scenes while the villagers worked hard."

There is no artificiality in the movie and even if a goat would pass by the place of shooting, they would allow it to be a part of the scene. Similarly, the crew also captured the scenes of a school, going on usually.

Sources add further, “The benefit of this unique technique was for all to see. The director Anusha was happy as she got what she desired, while the producer Aamir was also happy as he did not have to spend money on props and extras. It was quite a win-win situation.”

Similarly there are local artists in the movie who plays the major role and it doesn’t have a superstar cast unlike the movies of today.

Well, ‘Peepli Live has become the most awaited movie now and it is releasing on August 13.

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