After Payal came to know about Rahul’s second wife Dimpy’s plight, she has also passed a couple of statements about her past happenings with Rahul to empathize with the present victim.

Payal Rohtagi Breaks Silence Now
Last Updated: 2010-07-31T16:16:46+05:30
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Payal Rohtagi Breaks Silence Now
Payal Rohtagi
Payal Rohtagi
The water has finally passed Payal’s head  and she has come out in open to criticize Rahul Mahajan’s animal behavior. She has apparently empathized with Dimpy and has said a few things about her own past experience.
Payal Rohtagi, the ex-flame of Rahul and his counterpart in ‘Bigg Boss 2’ has broken her silence now. She is determined to help people know the clear picture of Rahul Mahajan.
The actress is visibly very upset with Dimpy’s condition and says, "He did hit me twice. Once he banged my head against the door. When Rahul is angry, he completely loses his mind."

Payal soon realized the fact that there is no point in staying with such a person who is no less than an animal and therefore left him.

She also says, “I don't live in the past. It's been a long time. But after hearing the news of beating I felt very bad for her, nobody should be treated like that. She is a woman I can understand that.
Payal further adds, “When I spoke out about Dimpy and Rahul in a previous interview, Dimpy denied everything and said that all was fine between her and Rahul, but the next day the news of him beating her came out. This itself speaks a lot about how much was fine between them."
She also says that Rahul is a very mean person and for  fulfilling his wishes he can cross any limit.

She adds, "Rahul is only bothered about himself, He can sue anybody.”

So, these statements from Payal will surely heat up the issue and will force Dimpy to think deeply about her fate with Rahul Mahajan.


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