Pattanathi Bhootham is a nice comedy movie, but an easily predictable one.

Pattanathil Bhootham Movie Review
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Pattanathil Bhootham Movie Review
Pattanathil Bhootham
Pattanathil Bhootham
Direction: Johny Antony
Cast: Mamootty, Kavya Mdhavan
‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’ has a sweet start off with some awesome shot and graded shot. But once you realise that this is much more a kids' film that is not even trying to be anything else, the simple first half is the only thing that works for seniors.
For who are really interested till the end of the first two hours, let me tell you that the movie takes an abrupt and unapologetic turn into the kind of fairy tale story, meant exclusively for those below the age of 10. But the encouraging thing is that though the sham screenplay is very predictable. More imagination could have been included. The film has enough colour, humour, and drama to make it appealing to children folk, who seems to have a dearth in their genre of movies in Malayalam.
The movie is all about a good hearted genie, which has been trapped by a wicked magician (Pitamagan Mahadevan) to make money via criminal means. Accidentally rescued by a group of estranged kids trapped and held hostage in a circus troupe, the genie takes the form of their Jimmy Uncle (Mammootty). He adds a ''gottie'' on his chin, dresses himself in branded shoes and attires and takes a childish voice so that he can pacify the kids. Meanwhile, Jimmy, his prototype, a multi-talented daring circus artist, is in jail for a murder of the troupe owner Philippose, the incident with which he hardly has any connection.
The daughter of Philppose, Ancy (Kavya Madhavan), who comes back to inherit her paternal property hates Jimmy and the children who are supporting him. How the friendly ''Kutty Chatthan'' manages to clear off himself and the children from their enemies and menaces, are the threads for the unlimited fun that follows.
The film which is in fact, the final movie of Kavya Madhavan before her marriage, doesn't offer anything memorable for the actress. Left without a love track and the mandatory duet song, she is absolutely out of place with no other mission than to look beautiful.
On the whole, ‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’ has something for the fans of children's movies, but little for those who don't like to go back to their days of innocence. And if you can't make a return trip, just skip this. But prescribe this for your little ones who may love it and cheer for its ''replication'' of same old tricks and situations that they read regularly in children's magazines.
For the Mamootty, please let me tell you that it is not a typical Mamootty movie.

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