The latest entry to Bollywood, newbie Neha Sharma says that she was not concerned about Emraan’s Hashmi’s serial kisser image before saying a yes to the Friday released movie ‘Crook’.

Neha Not Concerned About Emraan’s Image
Last Updated: 2010-10-12T17:13:52+05:30
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Neha Not Concerned About Emraan’s Image
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma, the latest Bollywood chili says that before saying a yes to just released movie ‘Crook’, she didn’t  get bothered about Emraan’s image and she wasn’t skeptical about it.
Neha adds, “I was not sceptical before saying yes for this role. The story is most important to an actor, so when I heard the narration, I realised that it's a brilliant film and there is no way that I'm going to miss out on this.”
She continues, “Emraan's kissing star image is his USP and his fans won't be disappointed even in this film."
Though Emraan has not kissed Neha in the movie, but still it was a point of issue, he has in fact kissed an Australian girl during a love-making scene in the movie.
Describing Emraan’s acting skills, she adds, “Emraan is a wonderful actor but when you get to meet him you realise that he is a very down to earth person. He makes you very comfortable. I never felt that this is my first film and he has done so many other films. He is very disciplined. He is always on time, never makes you wait, and shows no tantrums so it was basically wonderful working with him.”
The movie has done well at the box office, but still it has not earned much fame for the newbie, hopes she gets into another good role sometime!

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