Yesteryear’s actress Neetu Singh is finally returning to the silver screen with her upcoming movie ‘Do Duni Char’. She says that she did the movie just for husband actor Rishi Kapoor.

Neetu Says, ‘Do Duni Char’ Is For Rishi
Last Updated: 2010-10-06T12:51:39+05:30
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Neetu Says, ‘Do Duni Char’ Is For Rishi
Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh used to have a time she ruled to rule the silver screen, but later all her on-screen grace disappeared. But, now she is back after 30 years long break in the movie ‘Do Duni Char’ and she says that she just did the movie for Rishi .
Neetu adds, “If Rishi was not there, probably I would have not done the film. The whole atmosphere was made comfortable and I felt at home because of his presence.”
The 52 years old actress reveals that she got nervous and goose bumps all over the body when she faced the camera after such a long time.
Neetu adds, “I was nervous to face the camera after such a long gap. The experience on the whole was very delightful. It took long to come up in front of the camera but I guess it is the right project.”

"The whole process of filmmaking has changed. it has evolved drastically which also gave me jitters.”
She ends saying, "A lot of offers came my way all this while but this script made me sure that I should take the project.”

"The role that I play in the film is of a middle class wife. It was very challenging. My look is also very different in the film.”
Her next project would be a film with her son, Ranbir Kapoor, and if Rishi joins the cast, it would become a complete family film!

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