Actress and item girl Neetu Chandra was taken aback when she got to know from a television channel news that she has a link with Pakistani match fixer Md. Asif.

Neetu Chandra: ‘Who On The Earth Is Asif?’
Last Updated: 2010-09-07T11:13:00+05:30
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Neetu Chandra: ‘Who On The Earth Is Asif?’
Neetu Chandra
Neetu Chandra
Bollywood item girl was taken by surprise when she came to know from a television channel that there is some link between her and Pakistani match fixer Md. Asif.
Neetu was sitting at her home and was taking her Tamil lessons for an upcoming movie when she got to know from television channels that she was embroiled in the recent match fixing scandal and has links with Asif.
Reports say that two short calls have been exchanged between her and Asif on the night of November 7 last year.
When she came to know about it, she said, “Who is on earth is Asif?”.  Her publicist Dale Bhagwagar was with her that moment and he downloaded Asif’s picture to show her.

Dale Bhagwagar adds further, “Her first response was, ‘Arrey, yeh kitna kaala hai’. She did not even recognise him. She does not have any interest in the sport and does not recall such a phone call.”

He also emphasizes that a call doesn’t prove that she has any involvement in the scandal. He adds further, “This is a world where even a SIM card can be duplicated. Even if there was a call, how does it imply match-fixing?”

Neetu feels the allegations are part of a conspiracy. Is the leaked document even authentic? Some say it leaked from Scotland Yard, others say it was the Pakistan Cricket Board. Neetu wants an Indian agency to step in and find out the truth.”

The actress is surprised over the sudden turn up of the events but there are no material evidences that there is any truth in the story.

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