Mike Stock is unhappy with Britney Spears and Lady Gaga’s sassy and raunchy videos.

Mike Stock Blasts At Britney Spears & Lady Gaga For Raunchy Videos
Last Updated: 2010-08-12T16:35:40+05:30
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Mike Stock Blasts At Britney Spears & Lady Gaga For Raunchy Videos
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Mike Stock is the name which everyone in the music industry is familiar with and he needs no introduction, he is a music legend. So now imagine what will happen when the legend will blast at the singers like, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.
Yes, the British songwriter and producer, is not happy with the works of Gaga and Spears, wondering why? Well, the reason is that, Stock is unhappy with both the singers’ sassy and raunchy videos.
"The music industry has gone too far. It's not about me being old fashioned. It's about keeping values that are important in the modern world. These days you can't watch modern stars - like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga - with a two-year-old -- 99 percent of the charts is R&B and 99 percent of that is soft pornography.”
Scott, 58 who played major role in launching the music career of Australian icon Kylie Minogue advised ‘Toxic’ and ‘Poker Face’ hit makers to tune down their explicit sexual show as many kids look up to them.
"Kids are being forced to grow up too young. Look at the videos. I wouldn't necessarily want my young kids to watch them. I would certainly be embarrassed to sit there with my mum," said Stock.

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