The coffin which will be used for the burial of the pop legend Michael Jackson costs about $25, 000.

Michael Jackson’s Coffin Costs $25,000
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Michael Jackson’s Coffin Costs $25,000
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
According to sources, the late Pop Legend, Michael Jackson, will be buried in a coffin made of solid bronze which will cost about $25, 000. This casket is similar to the casket of the legendary soul singer James Brown.

The coffin which is known by the name of “Promethean” has a 14-carat gold finish which has been polished by hand. The interior of the coffin has been lined using blue velvet. 
According to the sources, the casket is exactly similar to the casket which was chosen by the relatives for burial the soul singer, James Brown. The coffin is made by the Indiana-based Batesville Casket Company. 

Michael Jackson had visited the Georgia funeral home of James Brown for getting to know more on the various caskets available.

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