Manoj Tiwari got nominated in Bigg Boss 4 by his closest friend and well-wisher, Seema Parihar. The Bhojpuri actor thought till the last minute that it was Shweta who was responsible for it.

Manoj Tiwari Evicted From Bigg Boss 4 On Seema Pariharís Nomination
Last Updated: 2010-12-07T09:38:39+05:30
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Bigg Boss 4 Evicted Manoj Tiwari On Seema Pariharís Nomination
Manoj Tiwari
Manoj Tiwari
Manoj Tiwari got the shock of his life, when he came to know that the person closest to him in the house, Seema Parihar nominated him for eviction. He didn’t have even the slightest clue about it and held Shweta responsible for it till the last minute.
Manoj is too upset with Seema, he used to refer the lady as his sister, but didn’t know that she would take a harsh decision and would nominate him instead. Manoj had assumed that it was Shweta who took revenge of a small fight that happened between them and went on to nominate him.
The day Manoj was evicted from the show, he shouted in front of everyone in house, speaking ill about Shweta, but never knew that she has not even done anything.
Manoj is very shocked at Seema’s decision and at the same time, he is very guilty that he kept a false opinion about his four years old friend and Bhojpuri actress, Shweta.
He has told the media that he would like to apologize to Shweta, as soon as possible. He also said that now he is even more hurt as Seema nominated him, but says that Shewta and Khali genuinely deserves to win the show.

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