Itís just been 5 months of marriage and a post from Manisha Koirala on a social networking website shows that she is much tensed and wants to split up with her husband, Samrat.

Manisha Koirala Wants Divorce Now?
Last Updated: 2010-11-22T14:50:56+05:30
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Manisha Koirala Wants Divorce Now?
Manisha Koirala
Manisha Koirala
Manisha Koirala got married to her long term beau Samrat five months back, but last Friday she shocked everyone by posting statements against her relationship with her husband, giving a clear idea of divorce.
Well, call it a moment of frustration and anger that the actress posted her feelings on a popular social networking site and it reached thousands of people, though the next minute she deleted it too.
But a friend makes clear that Manisha is very emotional and she vents out her feelings the moment she feels something depressing.
A close friend of her adds, “She's very emotional and whenever she's upset, she reveals her feelings. It's nothing serious and by now, I am sure Manya must be regretting putting up the post which is why she deleted it.”
Even Manisha herself clears that she posted the statements in anger and she adds, "I am super happy (with Samrat). I was angry when I wrote that post. Sometimes I just react and write silly things. I deleted the post because I realised that it would be taken seriously."
The post has already been deleted from the website but it gave the message that she is having a very bad time in her married life. Well, guess the actress would be very careful while posting another statement like this, the next time!

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