Bollywood actress, Mandira Bedi has admitted Akshay Kumar has a huge aura around him.

Mandira Bedi Impressed By Akshay Kumar’s Aura
Last Updated: 2009-09-05T16:13:27+05:30
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Mandira Bedi Impressed By Akshay Kumar’s Aura
Mandira Bedi
Mandira Bedi
Bollywood actress, model and television presenter who gained popularity with the huge hit television serial ‘Shanti’ and later went on hosting the Cricket World Cups and presentations alongside top TV personalities is now ready to compete with Sushma Reddy, Carol Gracias, Shonali Nagrani, Shveta Salve and many others in the forthcoming adventure reality show "Khatron Ke Khiladi-Level 2".
The actress has claimed that Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar has a huge aura around him. "He (Akshay) has a very huge aura about him. There used to be this deadly silence whenever he came in. Though he would joke and stuff with us, at the end of the day he was he and we were who we are," Mandira Bedi said.
Mandira Bedi believes that the actor has a good sense of humour and he is highly inspirational.
"When I saw the first season of the show, I felt that there could be no better choice of a host than him. I enjoyed his sense of humour, I liked how he dealt with situations, how he inspired the contestants. I was lucky to have experienced it”, the actress claimed.
"He had a quirky sense of humour, yet he was motivational, so inspirational. He himself has done so many stunts and is actually very strong. So even when you see him, you just want to be better - in that sense, he is very motivating. I like him so much more after I have experienced it”, she added.
The actress admitted that she herself approached the producers of Khatron Ke Khiladi. "While watching season one, I used to wonder 'Why am I not in this show?’ I was shooting something else that time but I really wanted to be a part of it. For the second season, it so happened I called Endemol (the producers) and said that my dates are free now. I was probably the only crazy one to have called them and said: Make me a part of this show. I think it's just great to be able to do something that prepares you for any kind of situation in future," she said.
According to Mandira Bedi, the show helped her realizing the biggest fear of her life. "I have come to realise that my biggest fear is facing failure - it is more than the fear of height, more than the fear of water and more than the fear of creepy crawlies, little animals, which I don't like. And that's what drove me to do the stunts," she said.

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