The sexiest Bollywood actress Mallika, who has lip-locked with other hot male counterparts, now dreams of kissing Hollywood actor Sean Penn. She thinks that he is an intense actor and she adores him.

Mallika Sherawat Dreams Of Kissing Sean Penn
Last Updated: 2010-09-06T11:34:45+05:30
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Mallika Sherawat Dreams Of Kissing Sean Penn
Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat
Guess, who is the person, whom sexiest Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat wants to kiss? It seems that the super-bold actress wants to kiss Hollywood actor Sean Penn, as she likes her and terms him as an intense actor.
She mentions, “I want to kiss Sean Penn. He is an intense actor and I really adore him. As time goes, one matures and everything about a person goes through change. I think my sex appeal right now is in my mind and how I connect with people."
Now-a-days the actress in Mumbai to promote her Hollywood flick ‘Hisss’ and act in her future Hindi project ‘Double Dhamaal’.
She also mentions that she missed Mumbai a lot while she was away in Hollywood shooting, she says, “I missed everything about Mumbai. I missed the rains and I also missed the vada pav. I'm going to hog some during my stay.”
She also thinks that dressing in sexy outfits and lip-locking is common and nobody raises eyebrows on such things anymore, and even she has become calmer now.
She adds, “Those were the days of rebellion and there were so many moral codes for the leading lady in Bollywood. When I kissed on screen or wore swimsuits, big deal was made out of it. But now everyone is doing it. I have become patient and calmer.”

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