WWE wrestler, Khali won the maximum number of votes the last night and again became the captain of the house; he has replaced Dolly Bindra, who was the captain for the last week.

Mahabali Khali Becomes Bigg Boss 4 House Captain For The Second Time
Last Updated: 2010-12-10T09:18:00+05:30
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Khali Becomes The Bigg Boss House Captain For The Second Time
Mahabali Khali has become the captain of the house for the second time; he won the majority of votes from the in housemates and replaced Dolly Bindra, who was the captain for the last week.
This time, under Dolly’s captaincy, all the rules were broken, there are many instances where all the in housemates were caught doing things on their own, and as a result, they got zero budget for their expenses.
But, Dolly was also given a secret task and it was told to her that if she makes Shweta and Veena sit on the wooden balance continuously for 12 hours, she would be given an individual budget which is 3 times more the home budget and she can order anything she wants with that money.
Now, this time the nominees for the position of captain in the house were Seema, Dolly and Khali, amongst which Khali won the maximum votes, even Seema and Dolly gave votes to him.
There was also a heated argument in the house, when Sara expressed her opinion that Dolly was called back after termination on ‘Bigg Boss’ decision and it was not on the basis of public voting, almost all the participants had the same opinion.

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