Masha Markova claims that the mink coat, actress Lindsay Lohan was recently featured wearing in one of the celebrity magazines, belongs to her.

Lindsay Lohan Caught Up In Coat Riddle
Last Updated: 2008-05-07T17:56:32+05:30
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Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Among the latest Hollywood news doing the rounds is that that actress Lindsay Lohan has got herself stuck in a riddle pertaining a $11,000 fur coat. A Masha Markova claims that the mink coat which Lindsay Lohan was recently featured wearing in one of the celebrity magazines belongs to her. Markova says that her coat went missing from a birthday party of a friend she had attended in New York on 26 January.
The lady adds that this particular party was also attended by Lindsay Lohan and that she had later spotted Lohan’s picture in which donned her coat in the same party. Masha Markova consequently told her lawyer to issue legal action against the actress and it is learnt that soon after she was contacted and returned the fur coat without any explanation. The mink fur coat reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke and bore a tear in the lining. Even though Masha Markova cannot really prove that Lohan borrowed the coat from her, the lady has slapped a fine of $10,000 fee for rental.

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