Khatta Meetha is about a common man’s struggle to face day-to-day life. Read on for ‘Khatta Meetha’ movie review in detail.

Khatta Meetha Review: Khatta Meetha Movie Review
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Khatta Meetha Review: Khatta Meetha Movie Review
Khatta Meetha
Khatta Meetha
Director: Priyadarshan
Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Rajpal Yadav, Johny Lever, Asrani, Aroona Irani, Neeraj Vora
Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar together, this combination is known to be an excellent pair and our expectation soars up and up when we think of the past magic created by the duo. However, Khatta Meetha could have done much better.
The script of the movie is nothing exceptional. The topic is quite run-of-the-mill types which have been shown many times by film makers in so many ways that there is nothing special in it.
This movie tends to tell about the serious things of life in a humorous way. Though, the approach was good but, the script was the setback. It’s about the adversities that come on the way of a common man and the corruption in the government and the society which has been shown in so many movies till date. The movie starts well but, as the plot moves ahead it gets a bit boring but, Akshay makes it up with some excellent acting as usual.
The story revolves around Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar), a 37-year-old road construction contractor who is struggling to succeed. He doesn’t have any money to bribe which is an essential step to succeed and so, he is hopeless about his future. This is not the end, he comes across the newly appointed Municipal Commissioner who is none other than his ex-love (Trisha) who hates him to the core of her heart as he once ditched her in college days.
The film mainly focuses on the increasing corruption and bribery which is going out of control everyday and the struggle of a common man to carry on in life. All these serious issues shown in the movie is topped with the constant fight between Akshay Kumar and Trisha. Also, romantic numbers keeps pouring in unexpected situations.
But, the good part of the movie is the comic sequences in the first half of the flick. Some of the sequences which are worth mentioning are Johny Lever mending a road roller, Asrani’s conversations are very very funny. The movie has some excellent one-liners too. The songs of the movie are quite good. The movie could have done better as it was made by none other than Priyadarshan starring Akshay Kumar. But, the weak storyline killed it.
As far as acting is concerned, Akshay Kumar is just too good. He completed his character with the finesse that is expected from him. He could completely absorb himself in the role. Trisha’s acting is nothing special and she didn’t fit in the Municipal Commissioner role at all. Asrani was too good with the comedy part and Rajpal Yadav is the best as usual.

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