Time and again, there has been news about the degrading marriage of Karisma and hubby Sanjay. The latter is often spotted in the company of a divorced Delhi model, which has decayed it further.

Karisma-Sanjay Marriage On Verge Of Divorce?
Last Updated: 2010-11-26T14:21:44+05:30
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Karisma-Sanjay Marriage On Verge Of Divorce?
Karisma Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor
It seems that actress Karisma Kapoor is on the verge of divorce from her husband Sanjay Kapur, there are many instances from the past, which shows turmoil in their relation. Recently, Kapur was also found in the close company of a Delhi based divorcee model.
Karisma has been staying since a long time in Mumbai away from her hubby, now there is news that Sanjay is quite involved in the close company of the divorcee model.
Sanjay is found in high profile parties with the model and their body language shows that they are more than friends.
An onlooker says, “They seem to have been throwing caution to the wind, of late. The two seemed to have found solace in each other as both have had their share of troubled marriages."
The model is into luxury retailing business and has a daughter from the previous marriage, she belongs to a very rich class, in fact her first marriage was one of the most extravagant marriages in India.
Karisma got married to Sanjay in the year 2003, after her break-up with Abhishek Bachchan, she has a daughter called Samaira. Now, only time will tell that what exactly is going on in the life of Karisma and Sanjay, but there are signs of a great turbulence in their relationship.

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