Finally, the danger bells have started to ring and as per close sources Karisma Kapoor is on the verge of filing divorce against hubby Sanjay, the strongest reason for that is his womanizer nature.

Karisma Kapoor To File For Divorce From Sanjay Kapur
Last Updated: 2010-12-09T12:45:22+05:30
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Karisma Kapoor To Soon File Divorce Against Sanjay Kapur
Karisma Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor had been cross with hubby Sanjay since a long time, but now it seems that she can’t avoid the activities of her womanizer husband anymore, sources report that the divorce can be filed at any moment.
Karisma has two children, a daughter and a son and for the past some months, things were really out of control for her, as Sanjay was frequently caught in the company of other women, in fact the rumors of having an extra-marital affair with a high class model also seems to be true now.
Karisma has decided to go for the divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences with her husband, Sanjay, it is also reported that he is least interested in taking care of his children too. Since many months, the actress had been living separately from him in Mumbai.
Sources add further, “The time has come for Karisma to emerge from a bad marriage. She is terribly distraught and much stressed. She has virtually become a loner.”
There are some terrible instances, which show the terrible aspects in Sanjay’s character. Sources reveal, “Even when Karisma was pregnant with her second child, Sanjay was in the company of some girl. After she delivered her second baby, a son, he started getting cozy with a Delhi socialite.”
Another source reveals that the couple lives separately from each other and says, “Sanjay has not been to Oberoi Crest on 16th Road, Khar (the new home where Karisma shifted to sometime ago) for the past three months at least. Karisma is undergoing hell. She has given so much to this relationship. She reconciled with Sanjay hoping that he would mend his ways.”

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