Bollywood actress, Kajol is all set to say a long goodbye to Bollywood , as her new born Yug needs her the most at this time, the lady has decided to take a long break of three years.

Kajol To Take A 3 Years Break From Bollywood
Last Updated: 2010-12-15T15:32:07+05:30
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Kajol To Take A 3 Years Break From Bollywood
Kajol is now again determined enough to devote her time to her kids, especially to her new born ‘Yug’. The actress says that she can’t even think about cinema unless or until the baby is three years old, well quite a bad new for her die-hard fans.
Kajol says, “I can’t think of movies until Yug is three years old. My babies are wonderful. They are the most important priority in my life now.”
She continues, “It’s great spending time with my children… just watching them grow. I love being with them.”

‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ is her last film for now and after three years she will again think about some sensible cinema.

She details about it, “We both liked the script (Toonpur Ka Superhero). But at the same time, we were intrigued with how Kireet would deliver, as it’s India’s first live animation film. He created a sequence to show us how it would be made and how it would finally look. We were very impressed with the result and thus agreed to do the film.”

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