Valentine’s Day top listed movie ‘Pretty Woman’ starrer Julia Robert plans to spend ’24 Hrs’ with hubby on her Valentine Day.

Julia Roberts The 'Pretty Woman' Reveals - 24 Hrs Valentine Plan
Last Updated: 2010-02-11T18:38:29+05:30
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Julia Roberts The 'Pretty Woman' Reveals - 24 Hrs Valentine Plan
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Anways, what can be the best way to celebrate with your beloved on Valentine Day? Dedicating ’24 Hrs’ for your beloved in a love trance can be the most exciting gift that Julia can give to her husband.

In sensuous way she replies, "My kids go to bed at 7:30," she said. "For Valentine's Day, we're just gonna be makin' out, the full 24 hours."

With a jovial perk she stated targeting the ladies who want to make a beautiful love life, Julia advices, "Make a nice dinner reservation and have a nice glass of wine and then go home and, you know, take your top off. I think that's a recipe for success, wouldn't you say?"

May be her latest movie ‘Valentine's Day’ which is a romantic comedy is slated soon to be on release is inspired from her romantic ways. Julia’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ is set in the location of Los Angeles where all the relationship stories are made.
According to her Valentine Day is same everywhere, Julia states, "I think it's the same in any city. LA isn't distinctive in its uniqueness to what makes a relationship work. Two people who work at it in any town you go to. That's what works."
It is sure where there is Julia Roberts, everything around to change in a romantic way, apart from the effect of her romantic movie ‘Pretty Women’. Have a great day on Valentine, Julia!

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