Hollywood’s favourite Julia Roberts maintained a distance from author Elizabeth Gilbert during the filming of ‘Eat Pray Love’.

Julia Roberts Maintained Distance From `Eat Pray Love` Author Elizabeth Gilbert
Last Updated: 2010-10-05T11:50:13+05:30
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Julia Roberts Maintained Distance From `Eat Pray Love` Author Elizabeth Gilbert
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Hollywood’s favourite Julia Roberts plays the role of an author in her flick ‘Eat Pray Love’ which is based on the memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. But the actress maintained a distance from the writer during filming as she did not want to imitate her in the flick.
"Director Ryan Murphy had a relationship with her through pre-production, but I felt it was important for me in portraying her to go with my instincts, to get enough filming done that I was already on a course by the time I met her," she quoted.
"She`s a lovely person. She has great way of talking and very specific mannerisms, but I didn`t want to imitate her."
At same time the beauty also complimented the character of Liz and admitted that she enjoyed portraying the ‘complex’ side of the author.
"Liz goes through a wide range of emotions, as you`d expect because the story covers a year of her life, so it was a great opportunity to play a complex and fascinating character," she said.
"Her journey is very specific and very visual in a way that`s appealing, but it`s also a universal story that can apply to anybody."

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