According to the news, the biopic of MJ will have Jamie Foxx and Johnny Depp acting as the pop king.

Johnny Depp And Jamie Foxx Will Play Michael Jackson In MJs Biopic
Last Updated: 2009-07-02T09:33:17+05:30
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Jamie Foxx As Michael Jackson In MJs Biopic?
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx
Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Jamie Fox are reported to having lined up for playing pop legend Michael Jackson in a new biopic on the idol. 
Hollywood studios are considering asking the "Edward Scissorhands" and "Ray" actors to star in the new biopic about the "Thriller" singer.
Foxx will be playing the pop icon before Michael Jackson got his cosmetic surgery done to have a fair skin.
"There are a number of offers being drawn up with a variety of angles to tell Michael's incredible life story. Some involve using archive footage of Michael and his family and footage from his live shows...A couple would even have an actor cast to play Michael. Jamie Foxx has been mentioned, as has Johnny Depp. It all depends on how his family decide to honour him,” said reports.
Depp but insisted that he has not yet been approached for any such project. 
"No no no, I never ever thought of playing Michael Jackson in a film. I think if anyone should play Michael Jackson in a film it should've been Michael Jackson," Depp said.

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