John was sentenced to jail a day before on the basis of rash driving and injuring two people in the year 2006, but he immediately applied for bail and also wants to file his plea against the verdict.

John To Appeal Against The Sentence
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John To Appeal Against The Sentence
John Abraham
John Abraham
John Abraham got the shock of his life when he yesterday got  intimation from court that he is sentenced to jail for a period of 15 days on the basis of a rash driving case filed against him in the year 2006.

John had hit two people while he was riding his bike and injured them badly in the year 2006, but the verdict has come two days back by the Bandra court.

Right now, John is out on bail, but he is planning to file his plea now, he adds further, “To begin with, I'm a law abiding citizen and I will be appealing this verdict and will go to every length to have this verdict appealed. I'm advised that I have a good chance of succeeding this appeal.”

 He said further in a statement, "I am also clarifying with this statement only because I am a public figure and in all modesty I do have a large youth interaction, who look to me for guidance and leadership and inspiration and I don't want them to feel or take way that when wronged, we do not fight for what is right.”

John was sentenced 15 days in jail on Thursday under section 279 on public highway and section 339, causing hurt to people on the road. When John came to know about it, he applied for the bail and deposited a fine of Rs 1500.

John ends saying, "I also want to categorically state that I have the highest regard for the judicial system of our great country and this is more of a personal clarification I felt compelled to make due to the public life that I also lead than I commenting in any way to the judicial view.”

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