After Jennifer Lopez setting the trend of insuring body parts, it is John Abraham who will continue the trend in Bollywood. It is reported that, a bum insurance amounting in crores is on the way.

John Abraham - A Trend Setter
Last Updated: 2010-08-06T15:50:47+05:30
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John Abraham - A Trend Setter
John Abraham
John Abraham

A bum insured at a price worth crores is something which will instantly make everyone probe the in and out of the thing. Strange, but true, John Abraham is being chased by insurance companies to cover his bum.

This handsome hunk has everything hot about him, John is so much in demand that he is ready to go for a very expensive insurance for his bum. A normal man can’t pay such huge sums for insuring their own houses.

A close source reveals, “Reliance, Tata, Aviva and another new entrant in the insurance business have approached John, offering policies ranging from Rs 20 crore to Rs 25 crore to cover his butt. But what is most astounding is that they are not charging him any premium.”

The most surprising part in the whole story is that the companies are not charging any premium on the insurance.

John’s spokesperson reveals, “They “didn’t anticipate that insurance companies will inundate John with not only such high cover, but also offer to waive off the premium completely. It’s really surprising”.

Even John states, “This entire thing is something that has come from the insurance companies only. Nothing is finalized yet. We’re examining the various terms and conditions.”

It would be another big affair, if John goes for such insurance. Well, he has certainly given a big complex to hot dusky beauty girl friend, Bipasha Basu, wonder what’s her plan speaks for insuring herself.


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