Hollywood sex symbol Jennifer Aniston admitted that she is hopeful that she will have a baby naturally.

Jennifer Aniston Wants To Have A Baby Naturally
Last Updated: 2011-02-10T11:12:01+05:30
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Jennifer Aniston Wants To Have A Baby Naturally
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Hollywood sex symbol Jennifer Aniston will soon turn 42 and many are wondering when she will start her family but the beauty claims that she is not under any pressure to do so. Aniston also added that she is hopeful that it will happen naturally.
“I know myself at the moment. I``m not against doing it on my own, if it really led to that place. I just don`t think that`s going to be the case.”
The actress had earlier admitted she is willing to be a mother. “I`ll be singing from the mountaintop. Let me have the moment where I get to say, yes, in fact, I`m having a baby,” she said.
“I think people honestly just want to see me as a mom and married and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And I just want to say, "Everybody, relax! It`s going to happen".”
Talking about her dating routine, the actress said that she is very choosy and has not pursued any relationship for more than a year.
“I`m really picky. When I feel it, I feel it. It`s rare that it happens. In the last 10 years, it`s happened twice,” she said.

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