Jennifer Aniston has described her ‘Love Happens’ co-star Aaron Eckhart as "extremely dedicated".

Jennifer Aniston Mentions Aaron Eckhart As
Last Updated: 2009-10-06T13:12:58+05:30
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Jennifer Aniston Mentions Aaron Eckhart As
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, who is always in the limelight for some or the other reason, has once again garnered media attraction after she said she enjoyed working with "extremely dedicated" Aaron Eckhart.
Eckhart and Aniston had essayed a troubled couple in 'Love Happens', after which Aniston was heard mentioning that no one else could have essayed the role so perfectly.
She said: "Aaron is spot on and moves you so much. I found him extremely dedicated and focussed. When you work with a performer like that, you constantly have someone giving you something good to volley with.
“He's really gorgeous, he really is and so funny, wickedly funny and he's very interesting”, adds the beautiful lady.
"He's deep, Aaron's deep - he's a thinker - so we just had a ball together. We laughed, I love his sense of humour, I love him talking about philosophy and psychology, he's great”, says Aniston.
She mentions that she is more attached to the movie as it was quite different from normal rom coms.
She added: "It's not your typical love story. It's about two people who are starting a scary, new beginning. Eloise sees an opportunity to fix something, and Burke is looking to be healed. For him, it's the first time he's allowed his heart to feel. When you do that, you have to clean out the skeletons, whether you want to or not."

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