Gerard Butler mother has invited Jennifer Aniston to play golf with her.

Jennifer Aniston Invited To Play Golf With Gerard Butlerís Mom
Last Updated: 2010-03-25T10:54:57+05:30
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Jennifer Aniston Invited To Play Golf With Gerard Butlerís Mom
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler
It seems something fishy is cooking between Scottish actor Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.  Recently, Gerard Butler revealed that his mom is a great fan of the actress and was desperate to meet her; therefore she invited Aniston to play golf with her.
Gerard Butler quoted, "At the premiere of ‘The Bounty Hunter’ my mum just couldn't wait to meet Jen. They got on so well that they want to do everything together now. My mom is a golfer and so is Jen and they're going to play together.”
The actor added, "And she wants her to come to Scotland so she can show her the sights."
Gerard shared an incident while filming a scene with Aniston on the sets of The Bounty Hunter’. The actor said that the Aniston insisted him to take his mother’s call when they were performing a crucial scene.
The actor said, "In 'The Bounty Hunter', there's a scene where Jen and I are getting married. I happened to have my cell phone with me and at a crucial moment in the vows my mother actually called me. So I fished it out of the pocket of my tuxedo and I was like, 'Hello, Mom. Listen, I'm a bit busy. I'm marrying Jennifer Aniston right now.'
"But Jen took the phone and insisted on talking to her, which was very funny. It was a great way for my mom to meet and have a chat with Jen and they really bonded. And they were like, 'We have to hang out,'" he added.

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