Jennifer Lopez revealed that intense media pressure lead to her split from actor Ben Affleck.

Intense Media Pressure Lead To Jennifer Lopez- Ben Affleck Split
Last Updated: 2010-05-05T17:12:18+05:30
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Intense Media Pressure Lead To Jennifer Lopez- Ben Affleck Split
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is convinced her high-profile engagement to Ben Affleck was destined to fail, insisting no couple could have survived the intense media pressure the pair endured.
Lopez began dating Affleck in 2002, sparking a media circus that turned crazy for the couple when the actor proposed but the glare of the spotlight became too much for the stars and they called off plans to wed the following year 2003.
And Lopez admits the romance was doomed from the start.
She quoted, "I love Ben. He's a great guy but it was a lot for both of us to be under that type of siege for two years straight. We were on the cover of every magazine every week, and it was just a weird thing that the media catches on to, and they just go crazy with it. Our relationship, I think, did suffer from it."
And the actress credits her husband, Latin singer Marc Anthony, with teaching her how to live her life away from the glare of the paparazzi.
She said, "I think he has a totally different approach to fame, to celebrity - our work, our business. (He believes) you can have your career, you can promote, you can do all that stuff - but you can also have a personal life, and it can be quiet.”
"I think, when you're in the throes of (fame), you don't realise that you have control over it. You kind of feel like, 'Oh, it's just happening, I can't stop it.' But he taught me that you can,” she added.
Lopez married Anthony in 2004, while Affleck is now happily married to another Jennifer, actress Garner.

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