In lieu to the tough competition that presided in the past years, this time Indian Idol is trying to place it in simple term as vocal competition axing out all other star factors.

Indian Idol Concentrates Vocal Axing Out All 'X' Requirements
Last Updated: 2010-04-22T15:24:11+05:30
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Indian Idol Concentrates Vocal Axing Out All 'X' Requirements
Indian Idol
Indian Idol
Great relief comes in for the competitors as Indian Idol emerges to take into a new stride simplifying the competition by axing out ‘X factors’ followed in the past to concentrate this time on the vocal effect alone.
Instead of vying for a complete package with a perfect mix of voice with looks and X factors, the Indian Idol judges Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant stated , “are scouting for a voice that touches million hearts which might not necessarily have a star quality.”
Especially looking out for excellence in voice stated Sunidhi, who will make her first debut on the small screen feels no hassle whether the song is sung in 'Ghazhal' or 'Rock' but should have the right tone.
Followed up with previous complain, Sunidhi felt it should be justified only to vocal without making things complicated for the right candidate, she added, "Our focus this time is to find perfect playback voice. People have been complaining that in the process of finding a complete package, we sometimes have neglected that unique voice. So this time we are looking for a competent singer.”
Exterior of the singer does not matter as far as one has the power to dominate with one’s voice and won’t distract to other factors that takes major of the time in implicating style experiment upon the competitors, the singer justified, "This time grooming will not be a major part of the show. First the contestant should be an extraordinary singer then we'll see how he/she can be groomed. We have a blind singer this time, who sings so well that we did not even notice her personality. And I am sure she will go further. She'll be requiring a lot of hard work but this time we will support her till the end.”

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