Although Imraan was recently chosen the main character for I Hate Luv Storys, Mills & Boon’s book edition, but surprisingly, he is quite opposite in real life.

Imraan's Definition Of Romance
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Imraan's Definition Of Romance
Imraan Khan
Imraan Khan

Although Imraan was recently chosen the main character for I Hate Luv Storys, Mills & Boon’s book edition, but surprisingly  he is quite opposite in real life.

Soon Imraan and Avantika are  to tie knots with each other. In this situation, one must like to know Imraan’s opinion about romance. It is quite surprising to note that he is not much  romantic.

He himself adds “I am not much of a romantic,” Imran insists, adding, “Classic gestures of romance, to me, are trivial. They are nothing more than a mere show. Real love is something when at some point; you decide that the other person’s happiness is more important to you.”

 The innocent, smart and polite looking guy has  much of thinking involved on love matters.

Now-a-days, Imraan is busy shooting for his upcoming movie ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ and ‘Break Ke Baad’. The actor is also quite finicky about selecting roles and he makes people rework on scripts twice or may be thrice.

He adds “Punit reworked the script and the second time he came to me, I liked it. In fact, the changed script had a lot more of an irreverent kind of humour.”

He is approved Punit Malhotra’s work and says “Punit’s (Malhotra) irreverent treatment of the subject drew him to the film. He has a wicked sense of humour and this is what translates into my character and also the project.”

He has a varied and intelligent opinion for fresher’s whose projects are taken on board. He adds “Well, you are kind of venturing into the unknown. So, you go by your gut feeling. I meet almost anyone who calls me up and it is then that you take a call,” clarifies the actor, adding that the “best part” of the IHLS experience was that he enjoyed working with a young team.” 

“With like-minded people, there is a lot of enthusiasm on the sets. You get a fresher’s perspective on a topic. Look at films like RDB, Dil Chahta Hai, Luck By Chance or Wake Up Sid. They have been made by new guys. That’s why you get an insider’s perspective into a topic rather than an outsider’s view.”

He always shares a great chemistry with his co-stars and this time, he is having a great time with Sonam Kapoor.

He adds “I think the interaction between Sonam and I off the sets have more or less got translated on-screen. In fact, Punit and I used to rag her quite a bit. Punit likes to crack jokes in front of a person without him/her being aware of it.”


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