Literally not at all moved by the poll result as the Top Hollywood President, Harrison Ford wants to be in the recluse away from any celebrity status piled on him.

Harrison Ford No More Aspire His Celeb Status
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Harrison Ford No More Aspire His Celeb Status
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
The veteran actor of Hollywood Harrison Ford who after raising to the top slot position feels the celebrity status is a menace to private life that has costed him a lot in personal front.
After spending whoops a forty years of his life contributing for Hollywood films finally the the sixty seven year old actor wants to be in the recluse with himself peacefully.
This fame of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ has savored a lot in his career. Now he hates being an attention of the media and feels frustrated unable to escape the attention of the press and fans.
There's nothing good about being famous, the noted actor mentions, "There's nothing good about being famous. You always think, 'If I'm successful, then I'll have opportunities.' You never figure the cost of fame will be a total loss of privacy."
After becoming famous if you cannot get your desired thing at your command what’s the use of it, disappointed Ford adds, "That's incalculable. What a burden that is for anybody! It was unanticipated and I've never enjoyed it. You can get the table you want in a restaurant. It gets you doctor's appointments. But what's that worth? Nothing.”
After creating a landmark impression upon the public worldwide Ford could not be easily erased from people's mind who wants to know more about him even at his prime age also.

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