A humiliated Harman Baweja walked away without defending malicious remark from Shah Rukh Khan.

Harman Baweja Real Decent In This Spiteful World
Last Updated: 2010-01-15T14:56:09+05:30
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Harman Baweja Real Decent In This Spiteful World
Harman Baweja though a talented actor but his consecutive flops with Priyanka Chopra has left a mocking remark in the industry.
It seems Screen Awards has become a ground field of controversy where last year Ashutosh Gowitkar created a scene. This time Harman who made a scene by walking out, the reason, Shah Rukh Khan who was at his amusing best was teasing Shahid Kapoor for his on and off fling with Priyanka Chopra to remain in news.
As sources reported Harman, who was sitting with his sister Rowena, grabbed her hand and left the venue. This gimmick of Shah Rukh, really was not liked by Harman, as it related to his personal life.
It must have shattered Harman’s sentiment; a hard-hitting remark from a noted personality of Bollywood like King Khan can be really distasteful.
But every hero’s journey starts from a great setback of distaste, but it is not the end of the road. So Harman Cheer Up!

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