'Ghajini' is one of the most awaited movies of 2008, due for release on 25th December. Read on to explore the review of Aamir Khan's film - 'Ghajini'.

Ghajini Review
Last Updated: 2008-12-23T15:58:58+05:30
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Ghajini Movie Review
After 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi', Aamir Khan's 'Ghajini' is the most awaited film of the year. And…the wait is finally going to get over. As Christmas draws closer, the eagerness of people, in relation to 'Ghajini', is growing beyond bounds. Remake of a Tamil film of the same name, 'Ghajini has AR Murugadoss as its director. Apart from Aamir Khan, its star cast will comprise of Jiah Khan, Mohit Ahlawat, Riyaz Khan and Asin Thottumkal.
'Ghajini' takes us into the life of Sanjay (Aamir Khan), a rich businessman who is in love with Kalpana (Asin Thottumkal). Kalpana, a model by profession, is an activist who works for the good of others. One day, she comes to know of a plan of child racketeer Lakshman (Mohit Ahlawat) - to kidnap 25 young girls and send them to Kolkata (Calcutta). As she tries to rescue those girls, she gets killed. Sanjay, while trying to save her, is hit on the head with a metal pole.
The severe head injury results in short term memory loss in Sanjay, who, now, cannot remember anything for more than 15 minutes. Though he can recall the events before the injury, his post-injury memory is damaged. In order to remember things, he starts tattooing notes on himself and taking instant pictures. Now, he has only one mission in life - to hunt for Kalpana's murderer and take revenge. In the quest to find Kalpana's killer, Sanjay end up being involved in a series of murders.
Hunted by the police, especially a particular police officer (i.e. Riyaz Khan), he moves ahead with his mission. Meanwhile, through Sanjay's diary, his story is revealed to police as well as to Chitra (Jiah Khan), a medical college student. Chitra is on the lookout for an 'unusual' patient for her college project. As she becomes aware of Sanjay's story, she is deeply touched and decides to help him take revenge. What will happen to Sanjay? Will he be able to take revenge? What role will Chitra play in his life? The answers are not too far away now!

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