The producers of movie 'Ghajini' have decided to launch a PC game called 'Ghajini The Game' by this week.

'Ghajini' Computer Games To Hit The Market This Week
Last Updated: 2009-01-02T18:14:38+05:30
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Ghajini Computer Games
Aamir Khan In Ghajini
Aamir Khan In Ghajini
After the grand box-office success, the producers of 'Ghajini' are all geared up to release a PC game in the market. The computer game titled 'Ghajini The Game' features Aamir Khan. According to sources, the video game was planned to hit the market before the release of the movie, 'Ghajini'.
When asked about the change in the plans, 'Ghajini' co-producer Madhu Mantena said that the Ghajini team decided to polish it up more, and use it as a USP after the film’s release. Mantena said that the new video game will generate much interest among the people especially the chase aspect of the plot that manoeuvres the game.
Informing about the game, Mantena said that it is a very simple computer game with a virtual Aamir Khan chasing the villains. The computerised Aamir is the exact replica of the movie Aamir with same hair style and same idiosyncrasies. The video game has the same plot that runs in the movie 'Ghajini'.
The PC game has been designed by Shashi Reddy, chairperson of FX Labs and Ghajini’s co-producer Madhu Mantena. 'Ghajini The Game' was executed at a cost approximately Rs.30 million. Other games in the series will carry the chase further. While giving reasons behind launching such video game, Madhu Mantena said that the idea is to take the success of ‘Ghajini’ further.

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