Genelia D’ Souza is too concentrated on her present, to intervene into the past of her current project ‘Chance Pe Dance’ which was initially ruled by Jiah Khan.

Genelia D'Souza Too Busy To Mind Other's Business
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Genelia D'Souza Too Busy To Mind Other's Business
Genelia D'Souza
Genelia D'Souza
As the industry remembers Jiah Khan was the main lead in ‘Chance Pe Dance’ and had contributed to a substantial portion, before she got dismissed. Genelia D`Souza, came in her place who is least bothered to reflect on the past of the project, even reluctant to see those portions.
 When she was queried upon Jiah’s contribution in the film, she said "Ididn`t feel the need to do that at all."
If you disperse your mind you cannot concentrate, she reasonably added, "There was no point doing so because i wanted to approach my character in a totally fresh manner. the part had anyway been re-written; so it was anyway a new character to begin with."
From source report there was change in characterization due to exit of Jiah, when Genelia was star casted opposite to Shahid Kapoor in ‘Chance Pe Dance’, she looked straight into her role without intervening with Jiah.
It is not a matter of my intervention in her life, cause it is the unit’s decision to replace her and states "No, there weren`t any conversations involved. In any case I hadn`t replaced her. The makers (Utv And Ken Ghosh) had already taken the call and were looking for a leading lady. According to them I fitted the bill and hencei was in." 
Best part of this combo Shahid and Genelia looks more appealing to the mass, so it won’t be a disappointment.
Streamline of the story is that Genelia acts as a choreographer and Shahid as a struggling actor who is quite good at dance. Due to a lucky meeting they become together and starts off to a love journey.
There is lot of enthusiasm and fun in the sets; she adds, "Well, yes, this is a fun film for sure, though there are some emotional moments as well. Of course, there is a lot of music, fun, romance and dance but at the crux of it, `Chance Pe Dance` stays on to be a heartwarming, feel-good musical entertainer."
A lucky girl who has bundles of project, she informs, "Between the south and the north, there are some films which are out and out glamorous, a few are challenging me as an actor while a couple of them are a complete package affair where i get to look glamorous and also act. i am closely studying the kind of films i want to do."
‘Chance Pe Dance’ of Utv Motion Pictures production is slated to release on Jan 15. Genelia expects a lot from ‘Chance Pe Dance’ as she believes it to be an explicit entertainer. So let’s just check out whether her prediction proves to be correct or not?

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