Farah Khan had planned a 14 cities promotion for Tees Maar Khan, but on close friend and actor, Anil Kapoor’s request she canceled the promotions for Indore city.

Farah Khan Cancels Tees Maar Khan Promotions In Indore For Anil Kapoor
Last Updated: 2010-12-08T10:58:53+05:30
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Farah Khan Cancels Tees Maar Khan Promotions For Anil Kapoor
Farah Khan
Farah Khan
It seems that director Farah Khan gives better value to friends than her work; she did something recently like this and canceled her Indore city ‘TMK’ promotions on close friend and actor Anil Kapoor’s request.
The actor requested the director such a thing, as his promotions date for ‘No Problem’ in Indore were the same, as of ‘TMK’ promotions, and even the movie is releasing the next Friday.
Farh Khan add, “Yes, we were to go to Indore too but Anil Kapoor, who is a close friend, requested me not to go there as he was going there the same day for the promotion of No Problem. So we cancelled our event.”
The director and ‘TMK’ star cast, Katrina and Akshay were also supposed to go for a promotional event to Nagpur, but they had to cancel it, due to security issues.
Farah adds further, “We were to have the TMK media event in a mall in Nagpur but had to cancel it at the last moment because of security problems, and do it at the hotel itself, where the crowds could be managed.”
The team of ‘TMK’ will visit 15 cities in 14 days, which will be a record in its own, even the music launch of the movie was unique and the launch took place in a moving train.

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