“Greener” pyrotechnics will be available for the “gen next”.

Eco Friendly Fireworks For Gen Next
Last Updated: 2009-07-04T13:20:52+05:30
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Eco Friendly Fireworks For Gen Next
Scientists are working on pyrotechnics which are more eco friendly. According to the sources, these fireworks will have lesser smoke and contain lower amount of toxic metals. 
Even though all of us enjoy fireworks, all of us should keep in mind that the pose serious threat for our environment as well as for the health of humans. 
Sources say that the researchers of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are in the process of developing a fresh kind of pyrotechnic which will be ‘greener’. 

“Everyone at or downwind of a pyrotechnic display is getting subjected to levels of these metals that aren’t natural levels,” said David E Chavez, a chemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. “Whether that really is going to cause health effects is up for debate,” he added.

Generally the metals used for making the fireworks attractive and colourful turn poisonous as soon as they are heated. These chemicals include the perchlorates that are used as fuel in the fireworks.

Animal studies related to perchlorates, have shown that these cause thyroid problems. Repeated pyrotechnic displays, especially ones that occur every day at theme parks, can take their toll.

 “If you have a place where pyrotechnics are shot over and over again for years and years, you will have a build-up of these toxins in the environment,” said Chavez.

In the last few years, researchers have turned up with “greener” alternatives. Currently the eco-friendly fireworks are being used only by the companies that get into regular displays and that too for indoors, since smoke is not permitted.


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