‘Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyon’ just reflects the message of the title, the movie is all about a corny script. The story in inept and it is a directionless story with just a sensitive subject matter.

‘Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyon’ Review- ‘Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyon’ Movie Review
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‘Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyon’ Review- ‘Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyon’ Movie Review
Director- Sanjay Sharma
Star Cast- Yuvraaj Parasher, Zeenat Aman, Kabir Bedi, Helen, Maradona Rebello, Kapil Sharma and Hazel.
As the title of the movie doesn’t make sense, so does the story, it is just an attempt to bring the most sensitive matter of ‘gay affairs’ and their lives in India, but unfortunately it just fails.
The story begins with a middle class family, where Helen is the mother (Margaret) and Kabir Bedi is her son (Peter), since the family is dysfunctional, so they both leave the house to earn a living for themselves.
In the same family lives another son, Kapil Sharma, who plays the role of ‘Ashley’, he is a married gay man and he has an affair with a male prostitute. As a result of this, his sexually unsatisfied wife played by Rituparno Sengupta indulges in an affair with Ashley’s brother, Maradona Rebello (Sam).
Ashley’s mother-in law, Zeenat Aman (Rebecca) sleeps with rich man to make money.
So, in the family, nothing is at place, the plot of the movie is quite good, but the director makes it proceed in any direction he wants. Now the time has come, when you would start scratching your head that what exactly is going on in the movie.
Lame concepts, a baseless story, guess whoever wanted to give ideas in the movie has given them and they have freely used them! The hot scenes between Ashley and his gay partner will attract the viewers, but if you are looking for a story, then we are extremely sorry.
Well, when there is no flow in the story, so we can just talk about scenes. One scene shows a top actor chilling in a bubble bath and Ashley’s partner is satisfying his needs, as you start thinking that it should be the end, at that moment even Kabir Bedi enters to join them! (Important to mention, that he left the house to open an ashram).
In another scene, the family plays the passing game, as the music stops, the punishment is that mother should get up and kiss the boss, she is currently sleeping with!

The movie struggles to show a bit of talent even from the yesteryears actresses, Zeenat and Helen, though the dialogue delivery is great but lacks emotions. The characters in the movie seem like doing their limited respective jobs and nothing else.

As the affair of Ashely and his gay partner seems to reach extremity, then itself the movie stops, thinking that the super-hot scenes would violate the laws.

The movie has a concept, a sensitive one though, but its portrayal is as poor as can be, thankfully there were no rumors that the movie was stolen from a poor low class Hollywood flick! Needless to say, watch in DVD only, if the subject matter interests you!

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