A new study related to diabetes has proved that having a healthy lifestyle can help in controlling the levels of blood sugar.

Diabetes Can Be Controlled By Healthy Diet
Last Updated: 2009-07-06T11:00:21+05:30
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Healthy Diet For Lower Blood Sugar
Healthy Food For Diabetes Patients
Healthy Food For Diabetes Patients
Any person who is suffering from Diabetes need not have to fret now. A new study conducted on those who suffer from diabetes has proved that adopting a healthy lifestyle with a proper, health diet can help in controlling the levels of sugar in blood. 

A team from the University of Otago has advised for an intensive dietary for the improvement of blood sugar control in diabetics. They added that even though the best available medication is given to those who have diabetes, a healthy diet can help a lot in reducing the blood sugar levels. 

The study was conducted on 87 high-risk diabetes patients who were in two groups. Along with optimal medical care one group of patients also had diet advices from a dietician.

According to the lead investigator Dr Kirsten Coppell the level of glycaemic control was found to have improved in a significant manner in the group which had received the advice. The group also displayed an average weight loss of 2 kg and a 3cm reduction in waistlines. 

"Achieving good glycaemic control is a crucial goal in managing diabetes, as it can prevent long-term complications such as kidney failure, heart disease and blindness. Before anti-diabetic drugs came into existence, the key focus for diabetes care was on diet and lifestyle.  


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