Salman Khan will be seen saying the golden lines said by Asrani in the super-duper hit movie ‘Sholay’. Although, the lines would be said in a different way and context.

'Dabangg' Captures Some Sholay Moments
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‘Dabangg’ Captures Some Sholay Moments
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
‘Aadhe Idhar Jao, Aadhe Udhar Jao, Baaki Mere Peeche Aao’ is the most hilarious and famous line said by Asrani  in ‘Sholay’. The modified version will be said by Salman Khan in the movie ‘Dabangg’.
Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan has co-written the dialogues of the movie ‘Dabangg’. As a matter of fact, the dialogues in the movie are the most important tools.
Taking reference from the old-hit ‘Sholay’, a modified version of one of the most famous dialogue from the movie is taken.
The idea came from Abhinav Kashyap to take a reference from Sholay in order to spark a comic touch in the movie.
Abhinav adds, “We haven't lifted the dialogue from Sholay but it has the same flavor. It's very situational. In Sholay, Asrani who plays a jailor tells his sepoys to follow him.”

“In our film there is a scene in which Salman goes for an investigation and he gets off his jeep and tells his sepoys to follow him.”
The actual dialogue in the movie is, 'Mote wale iss taraf, patle vale uss taraf, aur jo fit hain wo mere peeche.' After that, Salman looks back and sees that there is no one behind him and he sarcastically says, ‘Kya ho gaya hai police force ko?’

The dialogue is actually to comment the police officers and to tell them that the fitness level is going down in them.

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