This article discusses current trends in career options after graduation in India.

Career After Graduation Current Trends in India
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Graduation is a watershed in one’s career as rest of the professional life of an individual is guided by what career he/she chooses after graduation. Though a lot depends on the personal taste and choice of an individual, there are various career options after graduation. Right from the field of science and engineering to tourism & hospitality to fashion designing, career options after graduation are galore.
Career After Graduation
Completion of Graduation is a watershed in one’s career. From here a general graduate (Arts/Sciences/Commerce) can choose any of the career options available to him. There are many government jobs open to graduates like in Railways, Public sector Banks, Defense, Police and Civil administration. However more lucrative scopes are available in private sector in terms of remuneration and other facilities in the face of liberalization and globalization.
As there are many career options available to a graduate, he may have some confusion to choose the right one. This page can guide him to choose a right career path.
Sales and Marketing
Growing consumerism has thrown up a lot of opportunities in sales and marketing. Graduates can directly join as sales and marketing executives in several companies be it food and beverage, manufacturing, IT or other service providers. With the development of e-commerce telemarketing is also a good option. Here earning is very lucrative which includes salary, allowance and also commissions.
MBA is the most promising career option after graduation. It throws up jobs in the fields of finance, personnel management, sales-marketing and international business. Graduates have to qualify entrance test like CAT/XAT/MAT/FMS/IIFT/SNAP conducted by the concerned institutes. Remuneration of management graduates ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lac per month or even more depending upon qualification and experiences. 
After graduation one can enter into professional courses like CS/ CA/ CFA/CWA. Such courses are offered by several institutes in India. After completion of courses one can work in public and private sectors bank, industries, MNCs, corporate houses, media houses and with many more organizations. These professional are highly required in the cut throat competitive economy thus their remuneration is very high. After some year of experience one can also start consultancy in this field.
Computer Courses: MCA/Animation/Web Design
IT revolution has opened up several job opportunities. Here one can work as computer operator, programmer, software professional, animator and web designer. Courses relating to such areas are offered by several universities and private institutes. Rather than joining any companies one can also work as independent service provider. Remuneration here generally varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. 
Mass Communication And Journalism/Advertising
Proliferation of media houses has opened up many opportunities for graduates who opt for Masscom and Journalism. One can work as correspondent, reporter, anchor, columnist and radio jockey in print/electronics/web media houses. Advertising is also a promising career option to graduates. Courses in Masscom/Journalism/Advertising are offered by several universities and private institutes. Besides there are also distance learning programmes. Earning in this sector is highly lucrative which generally ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.
Hotel Management
Hotel Management is a favoured career option in India. Graduates can do Post Graduate/Diploma courses in hotel management offered by public and private institutes. After such qualification they can join catering services of hotels, restaurants, airlines, shipping companies, railways, clubs, offices and many more. The average pay packages here lies between Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 per months.
Travel and Tourism
Travel and tourism offer multiple career options to graduates. To enter this sector all they need is a course in tourism management/development offered by several public and private institutes. They can join tour and travel companies, tour agencies, airlines and hotels. Besides they can also work as independent tour guide and travel agents. Remuneration here depends upon quality of services and customer satisfaction. 
Civil Aviation: Air Hostess/ Commercial Pilot
Career in civil aviation is quite promising which requires professional training for Air Hostess and Commercial Pilot. Only science graduates can be enrolled into commercial pilot training whereas air hostess training is open to all graduates. After training jobs in public and private airlines are open to them. Remuneration varies here which ranges between Rs 25,000 to 2 lacs per month depending upon nature of job and kind of employers.
Social Work
Proliferation of developmental agencies and NGOs has made social work a promising and remunerative career option for graduates. They can be enrolled into this course which is offered by several universities and private institutes. Several developmental agencies and NGOs including international one are waiting these professional with lucrative pay packages. Besides, there are ample self-employment opportunities available in social work.
Graduates also can start their career as a legal professional. After completion of LLB/LLM courses they can work as lawyer or legal consultants. They also can join judicial services by qualifying competitive exams conducted by public service commissions. They can also work independently as a consultant in legal matter. Here remuneration is quite lucrative after having some purposeful experiences.
Banking & Finance
Career options in banking are abundant as it is one of the fastest growing services in India. Banking and Finance offers graduates jobs in public and private sector banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges. The awaiting jobs for graduates in this sector includes Probationary Officer, Clerk, Accountant, Auditor, Development Officer, insurance agent and stock brokers. Through competitive exams one can enter into bank’s jobs. For insurance and capital markets one has to complete (NCFM) course offered by NSE. Generally remuneration here is something between Rs 8,000 to Rs 30,000 per month which may varies depending on the kind of jobs, nature employer, qualification and experiences.
Library Science
With the information revolution Library Science is now emerging as a promising career option for graduates. They have to go for a degree/diploma courses in Library Science. After that they can join public or private library, museum, art galleries and publishing and media houses. Generally Library Scientists’ pay packages ranges form Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 per month which may varies at times.
Teaching: B.Ed
Teaching is a prestigious and remunerative career option. Graduates require going for a Teacher’s Training/B.Ed programme after graduation. After this they can join government and privates schools of various levels. For teaching in collages/universities one has to complete post-graduation along with NET. Besides, a teacher can teaches in private tutorials and coaching institutes. He can start his own coaching institute. Remuneration of teachers varies from Rs 8,000 to Rs 20,000 per month which may vary under different conditions.
Defense and Police Jobs/ Civil Services/ Forest Services/Railways Jobs
Graduates can enter into defense jobs through CDS exam conducted by UPSC. They also can compete for various paramilitary/police services jobs for which exams are conducted by SSC of central and state governments. For graduates another promising career option is Civil /Forest /Economic services. These exams are conducted by UPSC. Indian Railways also opens up various non-technical jobs for graduates like TTI, Goods Guards and Station Master for which aspirants have to qualify the competitive exams conducted by the concerned railway boards.
Film and TV: Acting/Production/Direction
Film and TV career has all the money, name and fame and celebrity status. After having a degree/diploma courses in acting/production/direction/editing/ cinematography/choreography/photography one can join film studio, production houses and advertising agencies. One can also start his career as independent producer, director, editors, cameramen, soundmen, lighting crews, assistants and so on. One also can be a lyricists/playback singer/music composer if he has some inborn quality along with proper training. In terms of status and remuneration sky is the only limit in this field.
Fabulous earning and instant popularity are the main features of modeling career. Graduates can take up this career after having some basic training. Most importantly one should have natural physical attributes to be a good model. Models can get opportunities in advertising agencies, showrooms, production and media houses. Besides they can enter into music albums, TV programmes and even into Bollywood.
Graduates also can start their career in designing as a Garment/Jewellery/Foot Wear/Interior designer. All they need is to do a professional course in the concerned subjects form any of the institutes. After that they can work with some organisation or start their own venture. Here remuneration depends upon the popularity of the concerned person and his/her innovation.
Beauty Care
Graduates can start their career in the field of Hair Style/Beauty Therapy/Massage/Make-up/Herbal Beauty Care specialists. All they need to do some basic training in the concerned field. After that they can join beauty parlor, fashion and advertising houses, film and TV industry, cosmetic industry, health and fitness clubs. Besides they can start their own beauty parlor/salon/massage centre/health or fitness club. Earning here depends upon personal quality and innovation.
Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription is basically an outsourced job form foreign countries. Graduates require a short duration training to start a career in medical transcription. Besides this they should good hearing ability and knowledge about foreign phonetics. Remuneration in this field ranges form Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 per month depending upon experiences.
Content/Technical Content Writing
Graduates can directly apply for content writing jobs available in travel agencies, media and publishing houses. For technical content writing jobs they need some training which is of 3-6 months duration. Generally pay packages of Content/Technical content writers varies between Rs 8,000 to Rs 35,000 per months.
BPO/KPO provides numerous job opportunities to graduates. All they need is to do some short duration training. Those who have excellent communication skill in English need not require this training. BPO/KPO jobs are easily available in metro city and other major cities in India. Remuneration normally ranges between Rs 8,000 to Rs 30,000 per month depending upon personal quality and experiences.
Self employment is the best option available to a graduate. All he needs is some initial capital investment and the killer instinct of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship provides the widest opportunities to excel in career. Earnings in self-employment can’t be estimated because it can be anything between 0 to last natural number. Most importantly one can work at his will and convenience.

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