This time Peepli Live is India’s ticket to Oscars, it’s a debate too early to start, but the biggest question is that would the Aamir Khan movie get the Oscars to India at least this time?

Can Aamir Khan's Peepli Live Make It To Oscars?
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Can Aamir Khan's Peepli Live Make It To Oscars?
Aamir Khan’s fourth production movie ‘Peepli Live’ which has already won the hearts of many is India’s ticket to the Oscars this time, but the biggest question that revolves is that would it be able to get the award to India or not?
As per the experts, this sarcastic, funny and real-life based movie has very high chances of getting the Oscars, even without a star cast in it. This year, the movie is nominated in the category of the foreign films, for which the nomination list will be announced on 25, January, 2011.
Expert and critic Anupama Chopra adds, "The nomination depends as much on luck as excellence in cinema, and there is no denying the fact that it is world cinema. See, for them (the academy jury) the movie has to be culturally rooted in that country. It is not that they are fascinated by or sympathies with Indian poverty.”
Film veteran Utpal Borpujari also adds, “Looking at `Peepli Live`, it is a very accomplished film. Going by its content and quality of cinema, it does stand a chance in the top five... It is one of the better entries in recent years from India.”
Well, the movie was made in a meager budget of Rs 10 crore and its gross profits soars the sky, there is a big possibility of getting the Oscars and it will be a real big deal for journalist turned director, Anusha Rizvi.

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