‘Break Ke Baad’ is something which directly relates to the true relationship stories of today, well enacted by Deepika and Imran, the movie sparkles, though with no extra and unique outputs.

'Break Ke Baad' Review- 'Break Ke Baad' Movie Review
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'Break Ke Baad' Review- 'Break Ke Baad' Movie Review

Director- Danish Aslam

Star Cast- Deepika Padukone, Imran Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Shahana Goswami, Yudishtir Urs, Lilette Dubey, Naveen Nischol.

‘Break Ke Baad’ is the story of ‘Aaliya’ played by Deepika Padukone and ‘Abhay’ played by Imran Khan. Aaliya is someone who is very ambitious, wants space in life and less emotional, on the other hand, Abhay is somebody who is more devoted and promising.

The story of the movie starts with showing Aaliya and Abhay in a long term relationship, Sharmila Tagore is the mother of Aaliya with whom another Aunt lives (Lillete Dubey), divorced thrice.

Aaliya wants to fly high in life and starts to search for a reason to end her relationship with Abhay. She finds a good reason and declares her new found ambition of becoming an actress, she lies to her mom that she is going for a short course of Mass Communication to Australia.

Aaliya feels suffocated with Abhay in her relationship and is desperate to breathe some fresh air in her life. As a result, she flies to Australia against the consent of Abhay, who pesters her every time to not to go away from him, he gets worried about his future with her.
Aaliya discovers a fresh life in Australia, she makes new friends, she hangs around and starts living a much dreamt life, she lives in an oversexed but harmless beach shack. On the other hand, Abhay surrenders in front of his father (Naveen Nischol) for carrying forward their family business.
The spunky moments in the movie, though seems to be missing. Some moments are there like Aaliya and Abhay sharing their first kiss under the table while watching ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.
Abhay becomes impatient and decides that he would go to Australia to get his love back and moves there, he lives next door to the sea-facing apartment of Aaliya, the owners of the place are Shahana Goswami, Yudishtir Urs.
There come moments of romance, comedy and even some fairy tale time, and then Abhay directly asks Aaliya to make a choice between her love and her career, to which she keeps quiet, hinting that it’s career that she wants.
Sharmila, her mother realizes that Aaliya’s stay in Australia has extended much beyond the time and she asks her to come back, at that time Aaliya gets a break in movies. Here the title of the movie creates a double meaning, one is ‘Break Ke Baad’ (life after her break-up with Imran) and (Life after getting ‘Break’ in movies).

Now, the director, Danish Aslam realizes that it’s a typical Bollywood movie, where there has to be a happy ending! And then Aaliya realizes her mistake, surrenders to the always smiling and welcoming Abhay

The movie is a light hearted watch with typical Bollywood innings, pop-corn music and yes happy ending!

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